Topic: design technology

Adapting to the age of the ‘gigaproject’

Megaprojects in the construction industry are nothing to scoff at. These projects are often huge in scale—costing around  $1bn—and face a range of environmental, social and political challenges.  Recently, an explosion of multi-billion dollar projects are unveiling a new construction paradigm dubbed the … More

Dubai launching new 3D-printed villas

Dubai’s first 3D-printed villas will be unveiled within two months, according to Engineer Hussain Nasser Lootah, director-general of the Dubai Municipality. Originally reported on by Arabian Business, the Dubai Municipality has  now brought all the necessary tools and equipment to build the villa, … More

Dubai’s RTA unveils first BIM centre in the Middle East

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has unveiled the Middle East and North Africa’s (MENA) first building information modelling (BIM) centre, Construction Week Online reported. Located within the authority’s head office, the BIM centre makes RTA MENA’s first government entity to launch a … More

Building for the future: How the technology revolution is affecting architecture

This month’s special report focuses on design technology, which can mean two things. The first being technology that helps architects design new projects, like BIM or 3D printing, and the second refers to technology in design, like material innovation. While exploring this month’s … More

Cone iPhone app can identify Pantone colours from the real world

Cone is a new colour picker app that was recently developed by Kushagra Agarwal. What makes it different from similar colour recognising apps is that this version includes one of the most requested features by many designers — it can actually identify Pantone … More

Video: How will Dubai’s rotating skyscraper work?

The following video outlines the theory behind Dynamic Tower, a rotating skyscraper that Dynamic Architecture has proposed for Dubai. The structure would feature a series of apartments that could be programmed by their occupants to rotate independently of one another. Wind turbines would … More

Selfie stick designer is dollar millionaire

The man credited with a design which, for some people, symbolises the cult of 21st century narcissistic behaviour, is now a millionaire. Canadian inventor Wayne Fromm is considered to be the “father of the selfie stick” – a favourite on the beaches of … More

A quick draw

With the advancement of technology in all fields of work, interior design has not been left behind. Sun Studio has brought the world’s first 3D printer to UAE that can print even on water. It aims to earn AED 25 million during the … More