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Design acts as a powerful change agent in society by challenging status quo

As a design journalist based in Dubai, I feel incredibly lucky to be able to follow my passion in a region where the A+D industry seems to be in a permanent state of creative churn. While 2017 saw many an iconic building take … More

designMENA Summit: Meet the sponsors

The fifth edition of the DesignMENA summit will take place on 5 December, 2017, at the Grosvenor House hotel in Dubai, featuring Minsuk Cho as the keynote speaker. An annual conference held for the past five years, the designMENA Summit is a highly … More

designMENA Summit: ‘We need to be very aware of what we’re doing,’ says Korean architect Minsuk Cho

“I think everything you do is political,” said Korean architect Minsuk Cho, founder of Seoul-based studio Mass Studies. “Wasn’t it Winston Churchill who said that? He said something like, ‘We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.’ I think it’s very important and … More

“If you don’t get design right from the beginning, technology will not help you later” says Ahmad Bukhash of Archidentity

During a panel discussion that looked at reviving and reinterpreting heritage in the UAE at the fifth edition of designMENA Summit, one of the panelists, Ahmad Bukhash chief architect and founder of Archidentity, commented on the importance of focusing on the functional qualities … More

Using heritage as part of architectural language will be discussed during designMENA Summit 2017

The first panel discussion taking place at the 2017 designMENA Summit will look at how architects today are- or should be- reverting back to creating an urban landscape with contextual and heritage-driven sensibility. The past few decades redefined the built environment of the … More

Six projects by architect Minsuk Cho that redefines South Korea’s contemporary architecture

South Korea’s architectural language has been strongly influenced by colonization and later a civil war which led to a urgency to rebuild its urban fabric with funding from the United States. This resulted in a uniformity of buildings that were largely sterile, unsustainable, … More

Minsuk Cho of Mass Studies is keynote speaker for 2017 designMENA Summit

Architect Minsuk Cho, founder of the Seoul-based firm Mass Studies is confirmed as the keynote speaker for this year’s designMENA Summit which will be taking place on 5 December 2017. Cho founded his firm in 2003 and has since been committed to the discourse … More

Designers need to be more involved in post contract work says Paul Bishop of Bishop Design

Designers and architects discussed the rigidity of hotel star ratings and the need for more involvement during post contract stage during the designMENA Summit advisory panel. Justin Wells of Woods Bagot commented that the DTCM (Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing)’s rigid guidelines … More

‘The UAE hasn’t lived long enough to see the effects of poor sustainability’ says Justin Wells of Woods Bagot

Architects and designers who took part in the 2017 designMENA Summit advisory panel discussion agreed that with the maturing of the market, sustainability is an issue that needs to be taken more seriously. “If we really wanted to address the sustainability narrative we’d need to … More

Outside talent is less inclined to relocate to the UAE, says Justin Wells of Woods Bagot

At a recent discussion held by designMENA, Justin Wells, regional leader of lifestyle design across the Middle East at Woods Bagot, said that the company is having a hard time relocating talent from Europe to the UAE. “We’re finding more and more that … More

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