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GAJ’s Brian Johnson discusses the vision behind Oman’s Shaza Salalah’s design

With the Shaza Salalah Hotel & Resort in Dhofar, Oman moving into the final stages of its construction, Dubai firm Godwin Austen Johnson reveals the inspiration behind the the project’s design. “Our mission was to create a culturally appropriate architectural design that values … More

GAJ completes interiors for Sundus Rotana in Muscat

Godwin Austen Johnson Architects (GAJ) has completed the interior design for the Sundus Rotana in Muscat, Oman – inspired by the country’s surrounding landscape, textiles and traditions. Primarily aimed at business travelers, the hotel offers a total of 215 rooms, with focus on … More

Why isn’t BIM technology reaching its full potential in the UAE?

At a roundtable conversation held by Middle East Architect to explore design technology, four BIM specialists from Dubai gathered to discuss the progress the design tool is – or isn’t – making in the UAE. Those in attendance included Sukul Jagdev, technical manager … More

GAJ’s Christine Espinosa discusses her endless drive to be a top architect

Before moving to Dubai 10 years ago, Christine Espinosa gained valuable work experience early on in her home country. In the Philippines, after graduating from the PLM College of Architecture and Urban Planning, she chose to work with small, boutique firms on projects … More

CID Awards 2017: Gillian Blair is 2017 Young Interior Designer of the Year

Gillian Blair of Godwin Austen Johson (GAJ) won this year’s Young Interior Designer of the Year title at the 11th edition of the Commercial Interior Design Awards. The judges were impressed by Gillian’s portfolio and the mature thought process that is evident in … More

The GCC’s exterior design sector is maturing

Having spoken with a number of architects based in the UAE, it seems that architecture firms across the GCC are putting in the effort to research new materials and educate clients and developers about alternative solutions for exterior design. According to this issue’s … More

How understanding design trends will help FM companies long-term, according to GAJ’s Kevin McLachlan

The current trend in the market is filling the existing gap in the market for mid to lower level hospitality projects. In fact, Godwin Austin Johnson has been involved in a lot of diverse new brands that sit on the global stage. As … More

UAE-based architects discuss trends in education design

Designing for the education sector is a multifaceted challenge. In creating successful learning institutions, today’s architects must consider a host of ever-evolving conditions, like changing learning patterns and the impact of technology innovation. At a roundtable recently held in MEA’s office, Dubai-based industry … More

GAJ’s Brian Johnson predicts architects will start working with materials ‘we can only dream of’

To put nanotechnology in perspective, the head of a pin is one million nanometres, so one nanometre is a truly tiny measurement. Scientists can make a tube that is only two nanometres in diameter and a wire that’s only one nanometre thick! The … More

Technology has begun to play a larger role in education design

From sustainability to technology integration, the current trends leading the market are not particularly new, but they’ve taken far more solid shape lately. Their effects on the design of a space are tangible, and countable. It’s as though tablet-based learning and social space-oriented … More

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