17 buildings by Le Corbusier are now UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Unesco has officially listed Franco-Swiss architect Le Corbusier’s works — including the Indian city of Chandigarh which he planned in the 1950s– among its World Heritage Sites.

The decision by the United Nations cultural body was announced yesterday (Sunday) as the World Heritage Committee meeting in Istanbul resumed, after being suspended due to the aborted coup in Turkey which claimed more than 260 lives.

The chosen creations of Le Corbusier show his contributions to the Modern Movement that emerged after World War I with an emphasis on functionality, bold lines and materials such as concrete, iron and glass.

They include 17 sites across seven countries — France, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Argentina, Japan and India — to show the global reach of the work of Charles-Edouard Jeanneret-Gris, better known as Le Corbusier.

He left his greatest mark on France, where 10 of the 17 projects which UNESCO classified as World Heritage Sites are located.

Among them are masterpieces such as La Cite Radieuse housing project in Marseille, the Dominican monastery of La Tourette near Lyon and La Villa Savoye near Paris.

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