1926 steampunk style vision of London’s skyline revealed

An image of how the London of the future looked to urbanists in 1926 has emerged.

It was part of a poster campaign extolling the virtues of the city’s underground system as a safe means of transport and was the work of Montague B Black, a publicity artist.

It was captioned “London AD 2026 – This is all in the air” along with the line “Today – The solid comfort of the underground’.

Apart from low-flying aircraft and the large dirigible airships so loved by the current steampunk genre, the scene is quite close to the reality of the skyline today, with a large number of high rise buildings which look to have been inspired by US cities of the time.

However these are in a more ornate style than skyscrapers such as Canary Wharf – and there are none with the dramatic lines of The Shard.

The picture is from the collection of Transport for London.

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