Snøhetta to design winding hotel on Norwegian island

Architecture studio Snøhetta has unveiled images of a new hotel that will wind across a rocky outcrop, Lofoten in Norway.

The 11m2 Lofoten Opera Hotel, expected to start on site later this year, is to be surrounded by a mountain range.

Designed as a low-rise structure, the hotel will created a looped central courtyard but will also offer views of the sea.A statement by Snøhetta said: “The spectacular view and the feeling of being ‘in the middle’ of the elements are the premier qualities of the site.”

“In a unifying gesture the site is captured in a circular movement, the complex layers of references to nature, culture, land qualities are translated into a band that transforms the site into a place.”

The building will feature a mix of hotels and apartments within its curvaceous body as well as spa facilities, seawater basins, hiking resources and an amphitheatre.

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