30-year masterplan project planned for King Fahd International Airport in Saudi Arabia

Dammam Airport Company (DACO) has signed a contract to develop the master plan of King Fahd International Airport, Construction Week reported.

According to a report by Saudi Arabia’s Al Eqtisadiah newspaper, cited by ar.constructionweekonline.com, Turki bin Abdul-Ja’wini, the CEO of DACO, said an international company has been appointed for the project.

The duration of DACO’s strategic plan is 30 years, and the company will review the airport’s master plan to analyse the current situation and plan its future needs.

A detailed development plan will also be created for the airport’s operators.

Al-Ja’waini said that the contract spans a year, and is divided into two phases.

As part of its agreement, the firm will carry out the tasks specified in the contract, including translating the airport’s long-term strategy and plan of action into concrete programmes, and securing infrastructure requirements to support third-party service providers.

Meanwhile, Al Hayat newspaper reported that additional runways and parking spaces for both, aircraft and cars, will be explored as part of the contract.

The airport’s master plan would also include “the establishment of additional lounges for passengers and new offices [for] airlines”, Al Hayat‘s report added.

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