Alternative high rise urban living – the Shanty-Scaper revealed

Second prize in the  eVolo Skyscraper Competition, which looks at alternative high-rise living projects, was awarded to Suraksha Bhatla and Sharan Sundar of India for a project entitled Shanty-Scaper.

This is a vision of a building made from construction debris including pipes, reinforcement bars and corrugated metal sheets.

The architects say the building could offer a form of housing to the inhabitants of a slum in the Indian city of Chennai.

“Chennai city’s Nochikuppam slum is home to 5,000 fishermen families living in less than 1,500 shanties making it the third largest slum dwelling amongst the Indian metropolises,” they said.

“Informal settlements and the paucity of land parcels can no longer be ignored and the complexities of resettlement will force slum dwellers themselves to build higher using locally available, structurally sound, recyclable materials, accommodating themselves into organised communities.”

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