American University of Sharjah to offer executive education to design professionals

As the upheaval sparked by the Fourth Industrial Revolution begins to have an impact on the Middle East, the region is increasingly moving towards creating a knowledge-based economy. Building on a generation of talent that can respond to a new and complex world of work and ways of doing business is galvanising this shift in thinking. As the economies of the GCC diversify and investments are made to create new industries, the education sector is responding to these changes by intensifying their own outreach.

The AUS Center for Executive and Professional Education allows organisations in the region to access the very best in academia, but also understand it in a way that relates specifically to their business and their industry. The university is one of the most respected in the Middle East, with a strong reputation for fostering academic excellence alongside real world, hands-on learning. It is now offering customised design courses to practising industry professionals — giving the participants the best of both worlds: a strong theoretical basis as well as an understanding of how this theory can be used to promote on-the-job outcomes. As it’s aimed at industry professionals, those looking to upgrade their skills can enrol in one of the many programmes the AUS Center for Professional and Executive Education has to offer.

Photo: Juan Roldan, assistant professor, College of Architecture, Art and Design, American University of Sharjah

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