Andrea Cingoli wins gold medal at the European Design Awards for smart chandelier tuBI’

Andrea Cingoli, the Italian designer and founder of Concepticon Studio, was awarded the gold medal at the European Design Award in Brussels with the project tuBl’, a smart chandelier that via smartphone can sense the users and their needs, evaluates contextual conditions and adjusts its shape and function automatically.

Photo credit: Concepticon Studio

The transformation takes place autonomously via Bluetooth . The lamp will detect the incidental luminosity on the table and the bulb will get brighter until the phone signals that the brightness on the floor is optimal for the activity to be performed.

Photo credit: Concepticon Studio

The light intensity monitoring app also has a system for adjusting colour tones, light temperature and object length so that each user can configure the lamp to suit their taste.

Photo credit: Concepticon Studio

The ability to change shape and colour allows considerable energy saving, as increasing the brightness does not increase the lamp power but moves it closer to the work surface.

Top class lighting can have a powerful impact on personal and business relationships by supporting more open communication according to an expert in design illumination. Henrik Clausen, director of Fagerhult Lighting Academy, describes it as a human-centric lighting.

Regina Santos, associate – lighting designer at Godwin Austen Johnson also shared with designMENA her top lighting trends in 2017.

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