Angled screens shelter housing block residents from Tehran’s climate

Perforated bricks form screen at an angle to each other in a Tehran home to provide ventilation and shade.

The design by CAAT Studio, provides relief from the city’s hot and dry climate for the building’s residents.

The six-storey building is located in the neighbourhood of Kahrizak in the southwest of the capital city of Iran, which is populated primarily by low-income households.

But the architects behind the project believe the kind of property being designed for the area is unsuitable, saying that residents often adapt the uniform balconies of new blocks with colourful panes of glass or masonry, creating personalised places to hang clothing and store belongings. They felt this should be something included from the beginning.

“The main purpose of the design was to modify a typology of residential building in this region, in which lifestyle and social class of the population were considered,” said CAAT Studio, which is based in Iran.

“There was a huge gap between resident’s lifestyle and the type of constructions happening in that region”

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