Antidote is bringing Smarin to Downtown Design this year

Dubai-based creative platform Antidote is bringing Smarin to Downtown Design this year; together the brands will present “Kairos – an installation we can breathe.”

The Kairos installation will literally take your breath away.  The concept is essentially an experiment designed for the body and mind. The lights brighten and fade progressively over 5 second periods. By synchronizing inspirations and expirations with these periods for 5 minutes, the body enters into a state of “coherent breathing”- a soft therapy developed and used by the medical corps.

It takes 5 minutes to reach a psycho-physiological state where coherence between the heart/lung system and the nervous system creates a positive synergy for the whole body.

Smarin Works 2015 Fr-1

Smarin Works 2015 Fr-2

The initiative by renowned French designer Stephanie Marin can be  viewed by registering to attend Downtown Design 2015.

The choice of materials is central to the research of the design studio Smarin, which likes to work with and propose natural, healthy, hard-wearing materials produced under good environmental and social conditions.
The objects are mostly made from virgin wool with natural pigments and local woods from suppliers who are developing successful and responsible businesses.

Smarin Works 2015 Fr-5

Smarin Works 2015 Fr-6

Smarin Works 2015 Fr-8

Smarin Works 2015 Fr-9

Smarin Works 2015 Fr-10

Smarin Works 2015 Fr-11

Smarin Works 2015 Fr-12

Smarin Works 2015 Fr-14

Smarin Works 2015 Fr-15

Smarin Works 2015 Fr-30






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