Architect Venky Kamat sketches from the imagination

The Organic Clock is one of a number of sketches of imagined machines and structures by Venky Kamat.

Kamat is part of the architecture team at Khatib & Alami, a company with offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

He also uses pen and ink to draw from his imagination objects which merge the organic state with machinery.

The architect said the clock design “combines a free play of imagination with a desire for order and meaning – spontaneity with a love of experiment and a scientific testing of new materials, forms and functions. It reverberates, produces time, text and meaning.”

Kamat was born in 1978 in the Indian state of Goa and studied architecture at a local college before working in India for four years. At his BArch degree course at Goa University he achieved a first class distinction and was nominated for the Charles Correa Award for Excellence in Design.

Kamat’s thesis at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL in London was awarded a commendation. He has managed and assisted in award winning projects including the Hanson HQ which was awarded best commercial building in the BD Awards and an eco-home which was recognised for best use of materials. He started working in Dubai last year.


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10 Responses to Architect Venky Kamat sketches from the imagination

  1. Radhesham Lathi says:

    Excellent Venky

  2. Gautam Purohit says:

    I think it’s one of the most beautiful art work I hv seen till now ! The guy who has drawn has some some crazy imagination like that of Michael Angelo or Picasso ! Speechless !

  3. Sunita Heredia says:

    Excellent work Venky. Proud to see this amazing work of art.

  4. Nicola Baird says:

    A fascinating and intricate imaginative design from a talented young architect

  5. vivek uthaiah says:

    Intricate, multi layered and surreal . Reminded of salvador dali’s works. it that the low russle of time, made by the “guitar string” sort of lines as they move via the dots ?
    -vivek uthaiah

  6. Anjali Lathi says:

    Superb Artwork n Great Job

  7. NV says:

    Very impressive piece of work! The artwork itself and the meanings it connotes is very interesting and inspiring indeed! Love the textures, composition and the feel of movement in stillness.

  8. Poulami says:

    Very interesting mix of science and creativity

  9. K. S. Ravindran says:


  10. vinit says:

    Hi bro congrats well done I am happy to see this well done once again Regads vinit

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