Architecture is a lifelong apprenticeship if great design is to be maintained

Architects must continue to learn throughout their professional lives as they have a duty to society to provide great design

That is the view of Jessica Mondo of New York Institute of Technology who was part of a discussion panel on how academics and business can work together to boost expertise across newcomers to firms in the UAE.

She said: “Architecture is an apprenticeship which stretches out through a lifetime. It’s a commitment – like being a monk. We have to keep learning – we are like doctors, working for the good of the public. If we cannot build right we just shouldn’t be doing it.”

At the event participants from business and academia all agreed that greater co-operation between the design and build industry, faculty deans, professors and lecturers and the students themselves are hugely important in developing talent.

Architect firm Lacasa was instrumental in making the event happen and the company has been at the forefront of inspiring young people and giving them the opportunity to develop their skills.

Most recently the business launched a competition to find the best design for a school in Palestine submitted by a student architect in the UAE – with the prize of the chance to oversee the project and see their design achieve reality.


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