Art Dubai: el Seed’s artworks to be recreated into tapestry by refugee women from Palestine

Artisan women who happen to be Palestinian refugees are recreating Tunisian ‘caligraffiti’ artist, el Seed’s selected artworks into handmade tapestries, to be launched for the first time in the 11th edition of Art Dubai. The event will take place from 15-18 March 2017.

The collaboration is the brainchild of UAE-based social enterprise 81 Designs, co-founded by Nesrine El-Tibi Maalouf and Nadine Y Malouf. The idea is to use art as a vehicle for social enterprise.

The collective is made up of a group of artisan women that are Palestinian refugees living in South Lebanon.

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The project aims to empower these women by providing them jobs based on their skill set, as well as establishing a platform for artists to share their expertise by giving back to the art scene in the Middle East.

The group’s launch project aims to preserve ancient techniques by using them to reinterpret contemporary designs.

Palestinian women refugees embroidering

“Launching 81 Designs at an international platform such as Art Dubai that will surely help us reach out to a greater segment of the community gives us immense pleasure,” said Nadine Y Malouf.

Unfinished tapestry by 81 Designs

“Collaborating with eL Seed, who shares the same vision to bring people and humanity together, will play a vital role in strengthening our cause and raising awareness on enduring challenges that are happening in this part of the world,” she added.

Unfinished work.

Unfinished work.

For its official launch, 81 Designs will host a talk with eL Seed at the Julius Baer Lounge, Fort Island, Madinat, Jumeirah on Friday, 17 March from 5:00pm to 6:30pm. A short documentary will be shown as part of the event.




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