Austria’s Expo 2015 pavilion will stimulate local climate

Austria’s pavilion for the 2015 Milan Expo focuses on social change for environmental protection, following the theme ‘Energy for Life’.

The winning proposal by team.breathe.austria features an enclosed, rectangular pavilion that will be planted with an abundance of native Austrian vegetation.

Entitled ‘Breathe’, the project will produce enough oxygen to sustain 18,000 people by the hour and promotes a healthier bond between the urban and natural environment.

The walled garden space will create an Austrian microclimate while the interior is cooled by the evapo-trnspiration of the plants and air-exchange will be partially facilitated by the foliage’s production of oxygen.

“The result that is achieved differs significantly on a number of sensory levels from the air and climate in Milan and can thus actually be felt by visitors,” said the architects.

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