BIG and Heatherwick propose scaled-back design for Google campus

Dutch architecture firm BIG and Heatherwick Studio has unveiled a new design for Google’s California campus, after the project being scaled back to a smaller site. 


Modifying the original design, the latest Mountain View proposal is a highly compacted version of the original with a regimented grip layout. The new project was submitted to the city planning department last month.


The new proposal is a big square campus featuring rectilinear “pavilions”, instead of the previous village-inspired project with different areas arranged into clusters.



The architects kept the original design’s translucent canopy that was designed to shelter the building, however the canopy now resembles a more tent-like structure rather than the previously-proposed bubble dome.


BIG and Heatherwick’s original design

 The “green loop” has also been scaled-down where a pedestrian pathway is created to follow through the building, creating a network of indoor and outdoor spaces that are lined with shops and cafes.

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