BIG design spiraling observation tower for Arizona

Danish architecture studio, BIG has designed an observation tower nicknamed “The Pin” for Pheonix, Arizona.

The spiraling structure is created as a tourist attraction, containing a series of exhibition spaces, shops and restaurants.

In terms of design, the structure showcases a reinforced concrete tower with three glass elevators to transport visitors from the base of a narrow stalk to the summit of the sphere.

“Like the monsoons, the haboobs and the mountains of the surrounding Arizonian landscape, the Pin becomes a point of reference and a mechanism to set the landscape in motion through the movement of the spectator,” said Bjarke Ingels, founder, BIG. “The motion at the Pin is turned inside-out, allowing visitors to contemplate the surrounding city and landscape of Phoenix.”

Restaurants will be located at the base of the sphere, while a new public square surrounded by shops will be set at the ground-level entrance.

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