Black and white forms and mirrors create Kuwait boutique interior

Design firm Massive Order have put together black and white geometric forms hanging from the ceiling of a boutique in Kuwait City with the aim of attracting customers.


The structures are close to the windows at the front of the Melange Store which specialises in clothing and described as “stalactites” by the architects.


The majority of the faceted shapes are white-coloured, but a row of mirrored black forms at the back can be used to hang garments from.

“The interior design of this glamorous retail store in downtown Kuwait City balances the power of spatial experience and functionality,” said the architects.


Prior to their renovation, the store featured an L-shaped layout with a short narrow passage overlooking the main hall of the shopping centre, but the architects decided to utilise the narrow space and added a large window to create a main display area.

In the larger space a series of mirrors, mirrored shelves and cabinets are used to create a sense of space.

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