Buildings appear to sink into ground at Portugal’s White Wolf Hotel

White buildings which appear to sink into the landscape are the main design focus of Portugal’s the White Wolf Hotel by AND-RÉ.

Pathways slice through the grounds of the hotel and health farm in the Penafiel region, leading to the entrances of partly submerged buildings designed by the Porto firm.

The owners requested new accommodation that reflects the values of holistic health and integration with nature that are promoted by the resort.

The architects responded by designing a series of all-white dwellings that are scattered around the site, rather than grouping rooms and facilities into one dominant building.

Each of the new buildings has a simple gabled profile and is surrounded by a raised lawn. This ground surface line- up with the base of translucent windows that surround the ground-floor storey of each building.

“The buildings are meant to be neutral in the landscape, in a gesture that avoids an aggressive architecture imposition, but at the same time with a strong relation with the site,” explained the architects.

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