Burj Khalifa facade could act as canvas to showcase world famous skyscraper images

Plans to illustrate the height of some of the world’s most famous skyscrapers by protecting their images onto the Burj Khalifa have been unveiled.

The Dubai supertall has been the world’s tallest building since 2009, and last year it broke another record by installing the world’s largest LED-illuminated facade.


Minus5 Architects in collaboration with Studio Mr. White, has proposed using the lighting technology to create scale silhouettes of tall buildings from around the world on the facade, including the Empire State Building, Beijing’s CCTV Tower, London’s Shard, Toronto’s CN Tower, Taipei 101 and Petronas Towers.


The silhouettes would slowly scroll across the facade to show viewers the heights of other buildings compared to the 828m tall tower.


The designers said:” Beyond being the pride of Dubai’s ingenuity, it symbolises the culmination of humanity’s constant strive to build bolder architecture that pushes the progress of civilization.


“In a homage to humanity’s courageous building heritage, we proposed for the Burj to put on a shiny white skin and display in real height scale the silhouettes of iconic architectural feats from around the world.


“With this visual concept, Burj Khalifa elegantly shows admiration to all construction marvels while reasserting its position as the ‘big brother’ tallest building in the world.”

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