Cafe creates an alternative public space for Tehran


A cafe in the Iranian capital of Tehran has been designed as a public space and event venue.

Cafe Chocolate by Modaam Architects

It is the work of Sanaz Ghaemmaghami and Mojtaba Zaheri of local studio Modaam Architects and run by the Amir Chocolate coffee shop chain.


Cafe Chocolate by Modaam Architects

“In a megalopolis like Tehran the public sphere gradually fades, affected by political and social factors,” said the architects. “The Amir Chocolate + Urban Cafe is an attempt to create public space in the heart of Tehran’s dense urban context.”

Cafe Chocolate by Modaam Architects

The cafe features a removable glass frontage so the interior can be extended out on to the pavement. Glass partitions are fixed to a track in the ceiling so they can be entirely removed to one side or set back to form a screen.

Cafe Chocolate by Modaam Architects

The project is aimed at encouraging the population of Tehran to once again gather at locations across the city – something that became rarer during periods of heavy policing. But it is now becoming popular once again as regulations are relaxed.

Cafe Chocolate by Modaam Architects

Photography by Alireza Behpour.

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