Canadian University of Dubai extends architecture course

The Canadian University of Dubai has added one year to its Bachelor of Architectural Studies programme to satisfy architecture education requirements in the UAE and North America.

Now running for five years, the course fulfils membership requirements for various engineering and architecture associations in the region.

The university also revealed that its four-year Bachelor of Science in Interior Design programme meets membership criteria of interior design associations regionally and internationally.

Both programmes, offered by the School of Architecture and Interior Design, are fully accredited by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

“Architecture, being a licensed discipline worldwide, requires all practicing professionals to hold a permit from the respective licensing authority of the country, and this is applicable in the Middle East region and globally as well,” said Dr. Muhammed Kabir, vice president of academic affairs for the Canadian University of Dubai.

Established in 2006, CUD currently serves 1,700 students from over 86 nationalities at its Dubai campus.

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3 Responses to Canadian University of Dubai extends architecture course

  1. Omar says:


    My brother is studing Architecture and he needs to make courses for design and things that help him in his study,so please reply to me your courses which help him in the maintime.


  2. nour alhuda says:

    i wanted to learn and study architecture…am 40 years old …i don’t know from where i will start …so can you give an explain how to start and how it cost and for how long ….or if it exceptible ?

    thank you ….

  3. sireena says:

    Hopefully ill be your future student as an architect but before that i want to know the SAT marks and the requirements that your asking for. So that ill be able to prepare my application to the Canadian university of Dubai. And i would like to know how it cost and for how long will i be studying Architecture design.

    Thank you…

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