Construction experts in the GCC warn against over-designing towers

Construction experts in the GCC have warned against the perils of over-designing tower projects.

Over-design refers to the practice of implementing more complex or powerful systems than is required.

Record-breaking skyscraper heights lend to a city’s brand identity on the world map, which emphasises their demand for structural safety and vigilant building practices.

As a drawback of this cautious approach, however, local engineers often find over-designed towers in the GCC.

“We still see that tower projects in the Middle East are over-designed by not only local consultants but also big names in the industry,” DeSimone Consulting Engineers‘ managing principal, Ahmed Osman, said.

DeSimone’s projects in the Middle East include the UAE’s Al Maryah Tower and Regent Emirates Pearl Hotel.

“Some projects have excessive amounts of reinforcements; in some instances, more than double what is needed.

“Designers tend to rely too much on structural engineering software models and do not perform checks and balances to verify the output of such models,” Osman told Construction Week.

“The engineer must have construction knowledge and reflect this knowledge in their structural engineering designs.

“It is about construction and not just design, as the ultimate goal is to construct a building,” he emphasised.


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