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Vogue Café opens to the delight of regional fashionistas

Privately nestled within Dubai Mall’s shoe metropolis, Level Shoe District, the newly opened Vogue Café invites fashion-forward and trend-oriented customers to take a seat and enjoy a classic setting.

As the first venture for Condé Nast Restaurants in the Middle East, Vogue Café represents its publication with pure clarity. From the timeless and elegant detail that fluidly fuses with contemporary elements, the interior layout is one that is, at once, effortless and chic.

A joint venture between Inspired Brands and Ginza Restuarants, the new eatery is quite remote. “The Level Shoe District is managed by the Chalhoub Group, and while developing the district, they allocated from the start the central space for a café and an espresso bar, so there are two parts.

They wanted something that fits in with the rest of the district in terms of prestige…They were very excited about Vogue Café coming in, because they felt it would add a lot of value to the space, and we personally felt that it was ideal…it’s not in your main traffic area, so it’s sort of exclusive, and it fits in with how we want Vogue Café to be perceived,” said Enrico Clementi, head of food and beverage, Ginza Restaurants.

Designed by Bash Hesnef, the café applies sophisticated elements that blend in with the surrounding environment. Open on all four sides, the café’s interior not only needed to fit in with the trendy shoe department, but it also needed to stand out on its own.

The café’s main features include a suspended magazine display, golden archways and a pyramid-cladded welcome desk.

“These arches are part of the Level Shoe District, so we had to work with these elements. Bash Hesnef came up with this very cool feature in the front, which hangs above to display the magazines and represents the brand in a way that’t not too obvious,” said Clementi.

The suspended circular structure is brightly lit and contains overlapping glass fins, which store Vogue issues. It further compliments the gold archways that gracefully border the café and display iconic images dug up from Vogue’s private archives.

The most notable and standout feature of the cafe, however, is the pyramid-cladded wall that represents the welcome desk and houses the kitchen.

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