Henning Larsen wins town hall and health centre

Denmark-based Henning Larsen Architects along with a group consisting of contractor Zublin, landscape artsist SLA and consulting engineers Henrik Larsen, as well as Jorgen Nielson, have won the competition for the Egedal Town and Health Centre.

The building is located in Egedal, North Zealand, Denmark, at the centre of the new Egedal Municipality.

Egedal Town Hall and Health Centre will be one of the first buildings in the new urban area around Egedal Station, which together come as one entity. The Health Centre includes training facilities for both adults and children along with rehabilitation facilities.

Different activities of the building are centred around the main square that leads through the atrium. The town council hall, located on the ground floor, is built in a way that allows an opening towards the main square.

“The jury considers the daylight to be used in an effective way in the proposal. In particular, the design of the skylight in the atrium effectively lets the daylight flow into and around the building, without unnecessary solar energy impacting the indoor climate in warm periods,” the jury commented on the project.

The building is expected to be inaugurated by the end of 2014.

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  1. Darcy Jones says:

    I love Henning Larsens work, but is it just my impression or is it very difficult for non-Scandinavian architects to win in Scandinavian design competitions ?. Most wins in Scandinavia seem to be won by Scandinavian practices (generally Danish or Norwegian), despite despite a competition system open to international practices. Is there a specific Scandinavian sensibility that the juries seem to recognise and prefer ?. Just wondering…

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