David Adjaye designs Harrods showcase for leather brand Valextra

London department store Harrods, which is currently showcasing Dubai developments in a bid to attract UK investors has another new attraction.

Luxury leather goods brand Valextra has opened a retail space inside the store, designed by architect David Adjaye which features crinckle cut concrete surfaces..

On the lower ground floor level, the interior design draws influence from a combination of craft and innovation — values traditionally associated with the Milan-based company.

“The space is adjacent to a circulation route so the challenge was to create an environment that would encourage customers to slow down and indulge themselves before proceeding to the next level,” said Adjaye.

“The use of concrete and the rhythm of the form and texture of the partitions generate a strong contrast with much of the surrounding materials, delivering an immediate and incredible visual impact.”

Cut outs function as illuminated niches for the display of products while a geometrical podium has boxes that house small leather goods.

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