Design Days Dubai showcases bespoke pieces by Emirati designers

Commissioned by the contemporary art organisation Tashkeel, three young Emirate designers have been chosen to create a range of interiors products.

The designers, whose products will be displayed at this year’s Design Days Dubai, include Latifa Saeed, Salem Al-Mansouri and Zeinab Alhashemi.

The programme comes as part of an initiative at Tashkeel to support Emirati talent.

Anabelle de Gersigny, Tashkeel’s strategy and partnership development manager, said: “The initiative underscores Tashkeel’s commitment to nurturing local talent, and furthering the growth and development of the art community in the UAE.

“The impending projects for 2014 are part of long term initiative which highlights the skills of talented Emirati designers and brings them together with makers and artisans in the region, developing a range of designs based on an aesthetic that is intrinsically from and for the UAE.”

The products will be available exclusively at Tashkeel.


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