Design for Kuwait children’s fashion store is inspired by African wildlife

Kuwait children’s fashion store Savanna has opened for business, with an interior design inspired by the animals which roam the natural African landscape which gives the retailer its name.

The concept was created by design studio TRC, and developed, produced and installed by Design4Retail.

Three-dimensional representations of wildlife can be seen outside the store, which is in The Avenues Mall, Kuwait City, and appear throughout the interior.

Each animal represents an African species, with many playing a role in wayfinding for customers – a blue monkey highlights the changing rooms, while a rhino and two elephants guard a play tent.

Colour co-ordinated snakes – purple for girls, green for boys – are used on shoe displays.

The cash desk features an elephant with a jet of water, represented by blue blocks, emerging from its trunk.

Design4Retail explained: “To begin, we re-designed the front of the store to take the space back a small amount. This created an impressive visual impact for the entrance of Savanna; differentiating the store from many others situated in the mall.

“Before stepping over the threshold, the bold geometric shapes and bright colours instantly make a statement which is carried through each step of the store.”

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