Design fuses concepts of apartment and villa for Egypt’s largest real estate project

Apartments which take on aspects of villas including individual entrances and green spaces will form Mountain View-iCity, Egypt’s largest upcoming real estate project.

Dar al-Mimar Architects, in partnership with CallisonRTKL will jointly plan and design the development which is by Saudi-Egyptian Alliance Mountain View-Sisban.

It is one of the first projects in Egypt to be based on the concept of public-private partnership. Mountain View-Sisban will own 60%, with the remainder belonging to the Egyptian Ministry of Housing.

Ali Al Sharif, president of Sisban, the “iVillas” would add value to the Egyptian national economy providing job opportunities business spaces and upscale housing. It is also aimed at attracting foreign investment.

“We are confident that Egypt is a promising market with huge potential for investment,” Al Sharif said. “Throughout the process of signing contracts, receiving land, obtaining licensing, up to and including launching the project, it was tangible to us just how keen the Egyptian government is on encouraging investments and removing any and all possible hurdles, even holding workshops to overcome any obstacles that may arise.”

“The result is the innovation and excellence that we see today, which match any of the world’s biggest projects.”

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