Design Talk’s minimal abaya store features furniture in Millennial Pink

Emirati duo Design Talk has created a minimalist interior space for caftan and abaya store R design by Reem Al Ali, located in Dubai’s Jumeirah neighbourhood.

Images courtesy of Design Talk

According to Maryam Al Suwaidi, creative founder at Design Talk, the interiors were inspired by modern architecture and 3D dimensions that are translated through the geometrically shaped clothing racks which mimic a basic perspective box sketch.

Taking into consideration the “oddly shaped” layout, the design team used linear LED lighting on the ceiling to mimic the lines on the floor, creating an overall futuristic feel to the space.

Millennial Pink-coloured velvet seating and pendant lighting completed the space, with elegant touches created through the use of materials such as marble and rose gold metal.

Mirrors were also used across the store to provide more openness to the space.

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