Dubai-based duo launch products inspired by Middle Eastern architecture

Jagged Studios, a new Dubai-based startup, founded by Sevan Manjikian and Yamila Iskenderov Bonilla, explores Middle Eastern themes using the medium of design. 


Designed by interior designer Sevan Manjikian, the home ranges are inspired by Middle Eastern architecture and made locally here in the UAE.

The first collection, titled ‘Girih’, which translates to ‘knot’, consists of an arrangement of geometric units composing different designs.


In this collection, the five girih polygons were used to develop patterns which were implemented in the final designs of the products.

The original designs can be found as clocks, trays, shelves, bookends, and more. They all exude a Middle Eastern vibe with a modern twist, which is a beautiful addition to any home.


Their products are available online and at A4 Space in Alserkal Avenue, from 29 May until 4 June.


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