Dubai’s Marina 101 tower 80% complete

Dubai’s Marina 101 – set to be the second tallest tower in the UAE – is now 80% complete according to its developer Sheffield Holdings.

The 425m  tower, which will trail only the 828m Burj Khalifa, is expected to be completed early next year.

Dubai’s Princess Tower is currently the second tallest tower in the UAE, standing at 413m, ahead of 23 Marina, which is 393m.

“Visually, the tower will be a very distinctive mix-use tower in the midst of the Marina,” said project manager and engineer, Mohammad Jeilani. “We have completed a large part of the construction, with merely a few elements left. Construction is well underway, with no delays to speak of.”

Upon completion the tower will feature 420 hotel rooms and hotel apartments, 60 three-bedroom residential units, eight duplexes, a five-star hotel, plus health clubs and swimming pools on different levels.

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