Dubai’s ‘The Heart of Europe’ home to 58 Mediterranean trees

Real estate agent and developer, Kleindienst Group, has announced that its flagship The Heart of Europe development on Dubai’s The World is the new home for 58 unique Mediterranean trees – the oldest of which are two olive trees aged between 1,300 and 1,400 years old.

Having grown in the hot Mediterranean climate, the unique and iconic trees will become a central part of The Heart of Europe project and one of the oldest attractions in the UAE.

The trees’ ability to cope in the warm Middle East climate was assessed by qualified arboriculturalists from Europe, who will continue to closely monitor their progress as they adapt to their new environment. Their assessment was that Dubai provides a ripe climate for these trees, which originate from the Mediterranean and thrive in heat.

The Heart of Europe is made up of six stunning man-made islands, each capturing a different facet of Europe’s unique character, and will offer visitors and holidaymakers the authentic charm of Europe.



Construction started on the islands in January 2014. Once complete, The Heart of Europe will be home to the world’s first climate controlled areas, featuring rain and snow-lined streets, floating villas, the world’s largest open aquarium, and a five star hotel Mont Royal, among a list of other key developments to be announced.

Commenting on the latest addition to The Heart of Europe project, Josef Kleindienst, CEO, Kleindienst Group said: “The olive tree is a symbol of timeless European tradition and agriculture, and including the trees as part of this project is a demonstration of our commitment to bringing the best of Europe to The Heart of Europe, but also highlights the lengths we will go to create a genuinely unique and exciting experience on the islands.

“We have ensured the best experts in the field of arboriculture are monitoring the development of the trees, which can live for centuries in hot climates if given the right care.

“The Heart of Europe aims to bring together the very best of European design, architecture, heritage and culture to the Middle East, and I am confident that once complete, it will bring a unique holiday experience to Dubai.


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