Dubai’s Top 10 Offices

Dubai has long been considered the business hub of the Middle East and in only a few short years, it has become the design centre of the region as well. Looking at different office interiors in the city, CID picks out designs that merge the two.

FHSI Architects
Designed by FHSI Architects

FHSI Architects, a boutique design practice located in JLT, designed its own office space creating a robust environment that offers clients a hint about the company’s appraoch to design. The chic office space is designed with a post-industrial style, maximising floor to ceiling heights.

The wall finishings are made from galvinised steel and pre-rusted steel sheets with natural timbre floors. Ductwork is made in galvinised metal. The raw and industrial design approach can also be seen in the urban style lighting fittings with furniture boasting a high-gloss, white-lacquer finish.

The office also includes a stylish foyer and conference room. The solidlly applied industrialised interior style fits perfectly with the city’s emerging urban design trend, making it a both hip and creative workspace.

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