Dutch theatre and zoo complex unveiled

Henning Larsen Architects and Dutch Van den Berg Groep have won first prize in an international competition for a 16,000m2 theatre building and entrance to a 10ha zoological park in Emmen, the Netherlands.

Emmen Theatre and Zoo is an unusual building that brings together culture and nature. It contains two main stages with a capacity of 1,150 people, an additional stage, as well as exhibition and conference facilities.

Troels Troelsen, Henning Larsen Architects, commented: “The contrast between city and nature are united in the building design where the rectangular frame structure and the organic, curved roof merge into each other.

“The roof [resembles] an animal’s back. It creates a distinctive entrance to the zoo and stands out as part of the city skyline.”

Emmen Theatre is expected to be inaugurated in 2015.

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