Egypt school launches sustainable water supply project for heritage park

Making the most of available water supplies is a major part of a sustainable design project set to get underway in Egypt.

The International Khalifa Heritage School, in Cairo, is seeking students and young professionals to develop innovative design solutions for a proposed heritage and environment park.

The park will occupy a site at the southern gateway to Khalifa neighbourhood and overlooking the 800-year-old al-Ashraf Khalil and Fatima Khatun Domes, monuments of great heritage significance.

The project is open to architects, landscape designers and engineers as well as those with a background in conservation.

Design proposals should address goals of enhancing public open space, empowering the community, fostering environmental awareness, celebrating heritage, stimulating economic activity, and improving accessibility and climate conditions.

Teams will examine techniques for converting groundwater present on the site from a liability to an asset that will provide functional and aesthetic benefits to the park and neighbourhood.

These dewatering strategies are intended to have applicability beyond Khalifa.

Submissions can be put forward via:

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