Emirati designer Aljoud Lootah unveils marble collection during Design Days Dubai

The Emirati designer Aljoud Lootah returned to Design Days Dubai with a new limited edition series of geometric furniture which takes inspiration from Arabesque patterns and motifs. The Double Square collection comprises the stool, coffee table and the lamp and depicts a recurring Arabesque 8-pointed star motif when viewed from the top. The motif, which consists of two squares, one rotated 45 degrees with respect to the other, is the starting point of a variety of Arabesque patterns, and through it, different combinations can be generated.


Double Square stool in marble

“All pieces are made out of Carrara marble, which is not as strong material as many people would think. In fact, it is a very fragile so creating these very complex shapes with marble was a very challenging process. We went through a lot of models before creating the final pieces,” says Lootah.


Aljoud Lootah booth at Design Days Dubai

Lootah is one of a number of locally-based designers reaching global recognition, with two of the pieces from her 2015 Oru furniture and lighting collection recently being acquired by a major international museum’s permanent collection.

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