Fahad Al Tamimi architectural firm to open office in Dubai

UK-based architectural firm, Fahad Al Tamimi, will open a new office in Dubai to provide eco-friendly design and precise construction to the region.

The first projects for the new office will be focused on “green” residential developments, and commercial expansions in the city. It will provide site managers and concentrate on revenue maximisation with the smallest impact on the human element within the area.

The expansion will also see the employment of two architects, Grant Petersson and Amelia Wallingford. Petersson will oversee the construction of new properties and the adaptation of current establishments while Wallingford will be instrumental in the design of eco-friendly architectural projects.

Founder and Managing Director Fahad Al Tamimi commented on the new opening: “Having been born in Dubai, I felt it was a step in the right direction to open a branch of our firm in this thriving city.



foremost firms for residential, commercial and conservation architectural design, will shortly open a new office in Dubai.

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