Flower tower to be showcased at UAE design show

A residential tower with plants built into its façades and balconies will be unveiled at the Outdoor Design Build & Supply Show, taking place in Dubai later this month.

The ‘Flower Tower’ is the creation of French architect Edouard Francois, and is designed to be an extension of surrounding parks, blending gardens with concrete and glass, creating an impression that even in urban areas, inhabitants feel as though they are surrounded by forests.

With one building already constructed in Paris, the Flower Tower will be presented by Italian company Teracrea at the Outdoor Design Build & Supply Show, taking place from 25-27 March at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

Lamberto Scalabrin, export manager at Teracrea, said: “We believe there is a huge potential for our products both in the residential and project market in the Middle East.

“Teracrea is a brand new concept of design in the greenery of outdoor environments and the Flower Tower is an extension of this philosophy. The building will be encircled by plants blending perfectly with the surroundings and using centralised automatic irrigation.

“From every room in every apartment, the view will be filtered by plant life, giving the impression that there is a garden directly outside one’s window.”

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