Forgotten Tehran bridge turned into museum

Iran-based CAAT Studio has designed a project which turns a bridge into a museum.

Called “Organising the Forgotten Urban Spaces”, the design that revitalises the Mirdamad Bridge in Tehran, through the creation of an open anthropology museum.

Developed after a comprehensive study of the existing seven-metre-high and 14.1-metre-wide bridge, the design focuses on improving the pedestrian nature of the space.

Its innovative features include addressing issues of noise under the bridge, the project utilises an arch- and dome-like geometry to create “an acoustic mode in the roof and body,” along with covered pillars.

Land is highly valuable in Tehran and creating a cultural complex requires large sums of money and can result in the destruction of existing buildings, said the architects.

They added: “This will result in loss of collective memories. Therefore it’s better to find the answer in forgotten and lost areas.”

Site Introduction Diagram

Circulation diagram.

Site plan.

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