Further details revealed about Medina’s massive housing project

A huge housing project has been announced for the city of Medina in Saudi Arabia, comprising of 100 residential towers as well as four-star and five-star hotels, accommodating up to 120,000 people.

With an official launch already taking place, the project is set to create an additional 40,000 rooms near the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina to meet the needs of the visitors.

Named Dar-Al-Hijrah, the 1.6m2 development will take two years to be complete.

Out of the 100 towers, 20 will be used for administrative purposes, each building making up 30 floors.

According to the Ministry of Finance, who will be financing the project, the development will include 76 four-star hotels and six five-star hotels, while the government offices are planned to accomodate 31,000 employees.

It will also include a 400-bed hospital and a railway station to transport up to 84,000 pilgrims daily to and from the Prophet’s Mosque, on lines elevated above street level and bus station.


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