GCC will build more modern mosques, say architects

The architect of the striking Spine Mosque on Palm Jumeirah believes the project will inspire a movement of contemporary mosques in the Gulf region.

Jordan-based firm Yaghmour Architects was behind the design of the building, also known as the Abdulrahman Siddik mosque, which opened in late 2011.

Speaking to Middle East Architect, Farouk Yaghmour, principal in charge, said: “We have a movement for contemporary mosques in Jordan. I’m sure this mosque will start a movement in the UAE and the Gulf.”

Yaghmour pointed out that modern mosques are cheaper than traditional ones. “There is nothing wrong with the traditional approach but they are very costly.

“Contemporary is easier to manufacture. Traditional requires highly skilled labour, which is getting less and less.”

He also believes that modern mosques are more “honest” and added: “It is not just change for the sake of change. It tells a story for the next generation.

“If we keep copying previous times then we will not know who built what. It is more honest to express your generation and be in keeping with the times.”

Architect and MEA columnist Hisham Youssef also believes that regional mosque design will become more modern. “We are seeing some departure from stereotypical ‘Islamic’ regional designs with some proposals in various countries in the region,” he said.

“The Abdulrahman Siddik Mosque is a fresh take on the possibilities that lie ahead with its innovative use of materials such as glass and metal, simple massing with minimal decoration, and a reinterpretation of the minaret and dome design.”

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One Response to GCC will build more modern mosques, say architects

  1. Sarmed Abdul Aziz says:

    With all due respect to Mr.Yaghmour and his design, but this is NOT the 1st contemporary mosque in the UAE, there are numerous contemporary mosques all around UAE, an example of such are (Bin Madiya Mosque,Dubai,UAE) & (Shiekha Salama Mosque, Al Ain,UAE).
    So I would’ve expected from Mr.Oliver Ephgrave a little bit more of DIGGING specially before you publish such BOLD statements as “the clean lined cubist form represents the first contemporary mosque in the UAE” in a reputable magazine as the MIDDLE EAST ARCHITECT.

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