Gold sponsor Preciosa says CID Awards is an ‘unbeatable opportunity to network’

As a global leader in customised luxury design lighting solutions for upscale projects like five star hotels, palaces and private residences, Preciosa is a driving force behind the advancements made in lighting design.

A gold sponsor for this year’s CID Awards, Preciosa maintains its strong presence in today’s international market and finds the CID Awards a perfect match in professional associations.

Ondrej Soska, managing director, Preciosa Lighting, said: “Our strong position on the global market has set us into the forefront of customised decorative lighting design; therefore, it is natural for us to support events such as CID Awards, which awards the top in design from the Middle East.”

According to Soska, the CID Awards provides an open platform where great work can be publicly acknowledged, and where the success of individuals and firms alike can be recognised on a whole.

He said: “The CID Awards provides a visible platform to acknowledge well deserved accomplishments of the great talent this region has attracted and harvested over the years. The Middle East has many iconic projects, which would never come to life without the hard work of the great mix of designers and design firms based here.

“We are excited to see the nominations. This year, there has been some interesting hospitality projects, which is a category we sponsor. We are also looking forward to meeting with our business partners and clients at this great event.”

He added: “Last year’s awards was a great event with an unbeatable opportunity to network with the best from the design industry in the region.” 

At the essence of Preciosa, lying behind its stand out designs and top quality Bohemian glass craftsmanship is a highly specialised team of experts in project management and installations. Inspired by its rich Czech history, Preciosa’s work is heavily driven by innovative ideas and creativity.

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