Hair salon design gives customers intimate feel

Design firm Ryo Matsui Architects has designed a hair salon a in Chiba, Japan, which features intimate interior views for customers.

The Hairdo beauty salon has a simple interior of plain white walls and timber surfaces, leaving roof trusses and other structural elements exposed. The salon’s transparent frontage allows pedestrians to look straight through and see what’s happening on both floors of the building.

“The big glass facade viewed from the frontal road raises the internal aspect and contributes a sense of unity,” the Japanese architects explained.

Glass entrance doors lead into a reception and waiting area that occupies the front half of the ground floor while mirrors and chairs are fixed down the side of the far wall, with a shampoo and colour area tucked away at the rear along with a small courtyard.

Upstairs, a styling area covers much of the large open-plan space, with a staff room and extra shampoo area towards the back.

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