Half-a-million people will see Dubai Mall Quran inspired sculpture

A work entitled Encyclopedia by Emirati artist Mattar Bin Lahej is currently on display in Dubai Mall.

Set in the Waterfall Atrium it is made up of a series of circular pieces joined by curves and engraved with intricate patterns and excerpts from the Quran.

The work is made from stainless steel which reflects everything around it.

It was installed at the beginning of July and by the end of the month approximately 500,000 people will have seen the piece.

Although the sculpture carries the name of God and the word of the Quran, Bin Lahej said  it is not just for Muslims.

He explained: “The Quran is a big message and one of the verses of it says that if you are going to invite people to read that message, don’t invite them with a sword or a knife, invite them with beauty. We are all human, we all respond to beauty so this piece is not for Muslims only. Muslims know the beauty of the Quran. This is for non-Muslims, too, to invite them to ask questions.”

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