Hecker Guthrie designs restaurant in Dubai Mall inspired by Italy’s 1950s era

Australian interior design firm Hecker Guthrie has completed the design for a new restaurant located in Dubai Mall’s Fashion Avenue, taking inspiration from film and architecture of Italy’s 1950’s era.

GIA Dubai reflects the concept of ‘La Dolce Vita’ (the good life), taken from Italian film maker Frederico Fellini 1960s film under the same title.

Featuring a monochromatic colour palette, the design features warm accents that is commonly found across the Mediterranean region.

Hecker Guthrie has applied an ‘architecture within architecture’ approach to the project, where various structural elements separate various functions within the space, in addition to creating openings to allow visitors to be exposed to the various culinary and spatial incidents.

The kitchen is set within a box-like structure featuring Murano-inspired diving screens, with various-sized windows allowing guests to look inside.

The restaurant’s bar is set within a white frame, complete with geometrical concrete patterns that give a nod to the urban aesthetic of the Middle East.

The lighting acts as a key element to the overall ambiance of the restaurant and creates a dramatic overhead canopy. The statement light pieces accompanied by low level mood lights take the venue from day to night.


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