High-rise containing mountains and a jungle wins utopian design competition

A skyscraper which has swamps, mountains, glaciers and a jungle inside has been named the winner in a competition to come up with futuristic ideas for high-rise living.

Essence Skyscraper was created by Polish architectural designers Ewa Odyjas, Agnieszka Morga, Konrad Basan and Jakub Pudo and was awarded first prize in the eVolo Skyscraper Competition.

The designers, collectively known as BOMP, proposed a structure containing 11 different kinds of natural landscape, from rivers and waterfalls to deserts, grasslands and caves.

“The main goal of this project is to position non-architectural phenomena in an urban fabric,” they said, “an inspiration rooted in nature allowed to form a representation of external worlds in the shape of a vertical structure.”

“Away from everyday routines, in a dense city centre, a secret garden that combines architecture and nature is born.”

The award was established in 2006 to recognize outstanding ideas for vertical living. Since then the competition has received more than 6,000 projects that envision the future of building high.

The organisers said: “These ideas, through the novel use of technology, materials, programs, aesthetics, and spatial organizations, challenge the way we understand vertical architecture and its relationship with the natural and built environments.”

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