How architecture can impact society to be highlighted at world fair

Housing, immigration and how design can influence social issues are set to be discussed at this year’s World Architecture Festival (WAF).

The organisers have announced that Lars Krückeberg, founding partner of GRAFT, and Juergen Mayer, founder of J. Mayer H., will speak at the event as part of a session titled “Architect as Instigator”.

Both GRAFT and J. Mayer H. have recently worked on housing projects across Germany. GRAFT’s Eckwerk is a mixed-use project that incorporates housing for students and young professionals, and J. Mayer H. recently opened Sonnenhof, which offers a flexible pattern of use throughout office and residential spaces.

Krückeberg (pictured) said: “Before the beginning of the refugee migration crisis in 2015, Berlin was already gaining over 40,000 net inhabitants per annum.

“Additionally asylum claims have reached a historic high in Germany with 442,000 first applications in just one year. Housing is therefore a crucial issue for architects across the country.”

David Chipperfield will also deliver a keynote speech at the Festival according to the “Housing for Everyone” theme.

WAF will be held from November 16 to 18.

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