I M Pei celebrates 98th birthday with pyramid shaped cake

Master architect I.M. Pei has celebrated his 98th birthday – with a cake baked in the shape of once of his most famous design.

It was made in the shape of a pyramid as a tribute to the structure which stands in front of The Louvre in Paris – a structure which attracts five million visitors each year.

Born on April 26, 1917 in Guanzhou China, Ieoh Ming Pei is often called the master of modern architecture.

Based in New York since 1948, Pei is the creative force behind prominent structures such as the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, the Bank of China building in Hong Kong, Dallas City Hall and the Four Seasons Hotel in Manhattan.

Geometric designs, large abstract forms and a unique use of light are the main elements of Pei’s signature style.

When he received his Pritzker Prize in 1983, the jury stated that he “has given this century some of its most beautiful interior spaces and exterior forms.”


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